DGD aquires new domain for selling .com domains

Yug.com. New trading name for selling .com domain names

Your Unique Geneics is new trading name of Yug.com

Your Unique Generics. Or just call us YUG

DGD are pleased to announce that we have purchased Yug.com. This is our new domain name platform for specialising in buying and selling .com domains. Our .com domains will be traded under the trading name of ‘Your Unique Generics’ or Yug for short.

Why yug.com?

We decided to use this domain because it was short and easy to remember as well as representing what we actually do at DGD. That is trading unique generic domains.

Yug.com will focus on trading generic domain names in the same way as DGD does. Focusing on finding Your Unique Generics. A simple way to find, sell and develop generic domains that will help you to gain an online and offline advantage over other online retailers and businesses in your market place.

Here at DGD we specialise in acquiring, developing and sometimes selling generic domain names within the .uk domain space. That is, domain names that end in .co.uk, .uk, .org.uk and .me.uk. This enables us to focus solely with the UK.

But as many of you know. we also get plenty of request for us to sell, research and find domain names that end in .com. This was sometimes confusing buyers and sellers so we have decided to split the .com and the .uk into two separate trading partners.

Yug.com will still be owned and operated by DGD but on a different website. They will both be still easily accessible and will trade between each other. The only difference will be that Yug.com will focus purely on .com domains. DGD will still remain focused on the .UK names space for trading UK domains.

When will the YUG platform open for business?

As with all things good, time is a factor. We hope to have our trading platform up and running very shortly. If you do have any questions or request for information in the mean time please contact us.

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