Generic domains let them know what you do

What are generic domains. Learn what a generic domain name can do for you

Choosing a domain name can get confusing

The Internet world has come a long way in the last few years and it seems that everybody now has a website and domain name. But what are generic domains?

Basically, generic domain names describe a product or service in exactly the same way you would think.

It still seems that knowing how a descriptive generic domain name can better work for your business is still a bit of a mystery to many people and businesses.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of domain names you could use when it comes to registering a domain name. You could use your own company or business name when registering a name (as you should do) but there are advantages when it comes to choosing the best domain name that has an advantage over your everyday company name.  It can be used alongside your existing domain name or used for marketing.

What are generic domains used for?

We take a look at one of the ways that by choosing the right domain name for your business or intended venture can make a massive difference when it comes to letting people know exactly what you do, just with the domain name itself.

An example would be which one of the following two domain names, if you saw them in a newspaper, would you remember a day later?



The obvious would be the first domain name, simply because it is easy to remember. Its a generic, pure descriptive product domain name that describes in as short a way as possible what the website does.

Its very memorable and is very easy to remember. The second domain name is more difficult to remember, especially if you are trying to remember the domain name at a later date from memory.

Another great advantage is with advertising offline. If you place an advert in a newspaper or decide to advertise on radio or TV then there is a great advantage of using a generic domain name when the web address is read out or shown on screen.

Potential customers will instantly know what it is you do and associate the name of the product or service with your company or business.

This is one reason how descriptive generic domain names give a greater advantage over other less descriptive domains when looking for new customers and buyers of your product.

What we would recommend

We recommend people and companies to use these kinds of domains for trading because they easily attract new business and that’s one of the reasons we are in business.

Bu there is a downside. Premium domain names can often command a premium price. With some of the best domain names selling for and continuing to sell for well over the million pound mark.

But that is not to say you cannot get a fantastic domain name for a more reasonable sum, far from it. There are literally thousands of domain names going for less than an average spend on a single advertising campaign. And with a website on a generic domain name, they are still there, advertising your company long after your spend on an advertising campaign has long dried up.

There is nothing wrong with using a name as in the number 2 example above but we reckon you will see better returns in the long term if you use a domain name similar to the one in example 1 above.


Here at DGD we have been buying, selling and developing domain names since 1998 so we believe we are in a great position to help you with any venture you have into obtaining a great domain name. If you would like to know more about how we could help you please contact us


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