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What are lemons and what are they good for besides cooking?

Where would we be without the lemon. Used not only in cooking, but lemons are used to keep us healthy as well as being one of the best natural cleaning agents we know of. But what is a lemon and what do we use them for besides cooking?

A lemon is a very sharp acidic citrus fruit that is native to Asia. Today it is grown widely across warmer climates around the world. A lemon is oval in shape and shiny yellow in colour. They contain very high levels of vitamin C with low sugar levels. They are very sour to taste so are very rarely eaten on their own. But mixed with other ingredients, the lemon brings food to life.

Health benefits of Lemon

The lemon is very versatile fruit especially when used for culinary purposes. But did you know that the humble lemon has many great health benefits too. It is used in many ways to keep us healthy.

Some of these include treating fever and burns. Treating respiratory disorders, such as sore throats and throat infections. Helping with constipation, cholera and treating high blood pressure. Lemon juice is also said to help repair your liver damage by cleaning out toxins and help fix alcohol-induced liver injuries.

Drink lemon juice water for a healthy lifestyle.

Adding lemon juice to either cold or warm water has many health benefits. One small glass of lemon juice added to water contains over 100% of vitamin C as well as healthy servings of potassium, copper and magnesium. It keeps your skin glowing, helps with digesting our food, helps us drink more water and also makes plain water taste great.

Please note that if you do drink a lot of lemon water to try to remember to brush your teeth afterwards. This is because lemon is very acidic and not good for teeth enamel.