New domain extensions, What does it mean?

New domain extensions. ICANN is introducing new suffixes. What wil it mean?

What will the new domain extensions mean for you?

The world is never a static place, things always change and its no different in the world of domain names.

With the introduction of a host of new domain name extensions, over 700 to be precise, the business of buying, selling and developing of domain names is about to get a lot more interesting.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN as it is often called, is the domain name governing body. Similar to how FIFA is with football but with domain names being the football.

After many years of debate ICANN has decided to introduce a plan which will allow anybody to apply and run new domain extensions. A suffix is the words that come after the dot. In the UK we have, .me .uk and the suffixes. There are many global suffix’s like .com, .org, .net already in use but it was felt that new suffix’s were need to allow businesses to get a better slice of the pie and be able to compete more fairly with existing suffix’s such as .com and .net.

So what new domain extensions are coming?

Apparantly there have been over 2,000 businesses applications this year alone, with companies applying for over 1,400 new suffix’s to be introduced.

So we will see new domain extensions such as .shop, .music, .london, .app, .football rolled out across the internet which makes owning a domain name much more exciting. You could find yourself being able to own domains such as or

ICANN hope to start rolling out the new domain name extensions by April 2014 with a host of other extensions then released on a monthly basis. The process should start with global language extensions first then releasing local domains such as .vagas and .london next.

What does this mean for the UK ?

Nominet, the governing body of the .uk web adresses, who control our own names in the UK being the, and extensions has also proposed changes within the .uk name space. It plans to introduce new domain extensions ending in just .uk.

So our web adress here at could then become It hopes that this will allow many more businesses to own a domain name and also allows Nominet to better compete with the new introduction of global suffix’s.

But the introduction of the new .uk extension is still in the consultation process because of how it will be implimented. Who will get the right to the new .uk extension? Will it be existing owners of or one of the other extension such as  the or

Many owners of existing .uk domains believe that the should have first refusal to the new .uk extension because it is believed that the is the primary extension used in the UK.

It seems as though a “common sense”compromise has been agreed and that the oldest, continually registed domain name amongst the, and the will win the right to own the .uk extension. But as the proposal is still in the consultation period we will not truely know who wins for a while yet.

So what happens next?

It will be a while before the water calms and we see how the introduction of new domain extensions will develop and what effect they will have on the big world wide web but one thing is for certain, if you are a domain investor, developer or just interested in a more interesting name for yourself or business then your about to get a lot more choice.

Many online UK domain name registrars will be in on the act with companies like, 1and1, rolling out the new names ready for us all to buy later in 2014.


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