Nominet to introduce new .UK extension

New .UK domain names. Nominet are the governing body in the UK that control all domains ending in .ukIf you’re not aware, the not-for-profit organisation Nominet, (the governing body of all the .uk domains who control the, and extensions) have been deciding on whether to introduce a new .UK domain name alongside the existing domains that are available to buy.

Well the crowds are cheering today, well most are. As Nominet yesterday announced their decision on the way foward on how they are proposing to roll out the new .UK domain names in th UK.

The winners of the new .UK domain names are?

As always there are winners and loosers. The winners are the owners as Nominet have decided to offer the new .uk domains to the owners of the existing names. That means if you own an existing domain name you will be given the first right to own the new .uk domain name.

An example of this would be here at DGD. We own so we would get first chance to own the .uk. We would then be able to own In another great move, Nominet have also decided to give a grace period of 5 years to decide if you, as an existing owner of the domain  would like to also own the .uk version of your domain name. If after 5 years you decide you do not want to own the .uk domain then the .uk version of the name will become available for anybody to register.

The research, consultations and endless meetings that Nominet have carried out over the last 13 months have seen many opinions on how Nominet should roll out the new .uk domains, with the most critical comments coming from existing domain portfollio owners, which we are one, who feared that the introduction of the new extension could damage their business and devalue their existing portfollio of domain names.

Well here at DGD we are pleased with the decision Nominet have made. It seems the fairest of decisions for everybody.

More about Nominet

Nominet are a non profit organisation who look after the more than 10 million registed domain names with a .uk ending. It is a UK government organisation that is run independently from the government.

Nominet are the governing body of all .uk domains, these include,,,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as, and

With the profits created by registering of domain names, Nominet have set up a trust fund that donates milions of pounds a year to good causes. More information about the good causes and to find out what Nominet supports can be found at their website Nominet Trust

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