Domain Valuations

At DGD we can value a domain name for you.

Will you sell your domain for this much?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a domain name wouldn’t it be nice to know that what you are being told the domain is worth, is actually the realistic value of a domain name.

Here at DGD we offer a service where we are able to value a domain name based on many market factors and give a true appraisal of a domain name.

Many domain owners receive false valuations often given by a free automated online valuation service.

In most cases the value given for their domains is either too low or as is often the case, too high. Leading to domain name owners being wrongly advised of the true value of their domain name.

As a result they sell their domain name either too cheap, or refuse to sell the domain thinking that their little piece of cyberspace is going to make them millions one day.

How we value a domain name

Here at DGD when you ask us to value a domain name we will use all our experience and expertise to give you a true value of a domain name you may own or may be thinking of buying. We provide a service that allows you to get a realistic and honest domain appraisal based on all our knowledge of the domain name markets, including sales and purchases. This allows you to get a true and accurate valuation of a domain name.

Our Fees
£45.00  per domain.

You receive a written report on based on todays domain name prices and appraisals. The domain name valuation report can be used for a domain name you own and are looking to sell. Or the domain could be valued to help you negotiate a domain name you are thinking of buying and you want a second opinion on before you commit to buying the domain.

We also include a report on what kind of chance you would have of selling the domain name at a profit and also how the name could be used for business or an online marketing campaign or website.

Please contact us for more information on having a domain name valued.