About Us

We are called DGD because we buy, sell and acquire Descriptive Generic Domains on behalf of businesses, individuals and for ourselves.

You could say we are all about domain names.

Here at DGD we have been dealing, trading and talking about domain names since 1998 when we realised how a descriptive generic domain can help a business with instant online and offline brandability. As well as cheaper offline advertising and great recognition in the area of business you are in. We buy domains that make you stand out from the crowd.

All our dealings at DGD are in the strictest confidence and we are proud to say that you can trust us to be totally discreet whether you are looking to invest in a domain name or buy a domain name for your company or you’re own use. Or even if you need a quick chat about domain names.

Here at DGD we specialise in these main areas:

■ Discreet researching and acquiring domain names on behalf of businesses and individuals who want to increase their online activity with the help of generic domain names. But don’t want the champagne and balloons celebration or attention.

■ We buy and sell top end generic domain names from our own portfolio. We also occasionally sell our clients domains on their request.

■ Advising businesses and individuals on the best domain name investments that are available for their budget and what is the best way to make their domain names work best for them through online and offline advertising and marketing.

■ Negotiating a price for a domain name you may be interested in buying from a third party. You find the domain name and the asking price then we will negotiate hard for you. The savings we save you often more than cover our fees.

■ Looking after a domain name/website you may own ensuring re-registration when required. Saves you loosing your domain name to somebody else. 1-10 year plans. It’s our online bank for the safe keeping of your virtual stock.

■ Advice about domain names and websites. Web design. SEO (search engine optimization). Internet advertising via google and yahoo & making money with domain names. We work on behalf of individuals and companies of all sizes and budgets.

■ Domain name appraisals and valuations. We give a market report on your domains.

Want to talk about domain names?

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you please contact us here or have a look at some of the ways that DGD can help you by browsing our domain name website.