Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain appraisal?

A domain name appraisal is where you get us party to value your domain name for you. Here at DGD we offer a domain valuation service. It is a written report that we provide that gives you our opinion on what we think you should expect to sell the domain name for or help you if you are considering what price you should offer for a domain name you want to buy.

We have more information on getting a domain name appraisal here

Do you sell domain names?

Yes. We sometimes sell domain names from our own portfolio or on behalf of our clients.

I have found a domain name that I would like to own. Can you buy a the domain for me?

Yes. We can provide a domain name brokering service where we can negotiate on your behalf often saving you money. We have an extensive knowledge of the domain markets so we are able to get you a great deal. You are under no obligation to buy the domain name we negotiate for but we do charge a flat fee for representing you when investigating the possibility of acquiring a domain.

Do you rent out your domains?

Yes. Domain name rental is becoming more popular as the value of generic domain names increases. Renting a domain name is your chance to own a top generic domain name without having to pay a large upfront fee to buy the domain name. Often a domain name rental agreement is for between 12-36 months with an option to buy the domain name written into the contract during or after the rental period if you want. Please contact us if you have seen one of our domain names that you would like to know more information about renting.

Is investing in domain names a risky business investment?

Like all investments, there is always a risk involved but by taking advantage of our services we provide you can maximise your chances of successfully investing in domain names that have the greatest chance of making you an excellent return on your money.

You can find more information on making a domain name investment here