Lemon.co.uk is for sale

Buy the domain name Lemon.co.uk and we will give you the domain name lemon.uk for freeBuy the domain Lemon.co.uk

Lemon.co.uk is a very brand able domain. The domain name will suit a wide range of new and old businesses giving you a distinct and instantly recognizable online presence.

It is a short, single word generic domain name that is very easy to remember.

Lemon.co.uk is also sold with the domain name lemon.uk. So effectively you are receiving 2 domain names with your purchase. By owning the domain name lemon.uk in addition to lemon.co.uk you get added brand protection. Please contact us if this seems confusing and you would like to discuss further.

If lemon.co.uk is a domain name you may be interested in purchasing from us at DGD please contact us.

But be quick! The domain name lemon.co.uk receives offers on a weekly basis so could be sold at any time

Price to buy – £25,000 (+ vat)

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Minibuses for sale.

Buy the domain name Minibuses.com & .co.ukBuy the domain Minibuses.com

For the cost of a reasonably priced minibus you could stand out from all the other minibus sellers. Why not own the domain name and keep on selling minibuses now and into the future.

Think how easy it would be for minibus buyers to remember your website!

No need to use google to try to find your company. Then when you search they end up being presented with hundreds of other minibus sellers. That is the power of using a generic domain that explains straight away what you do.

Please contact us if you would like to buy now or make us an offer.

Buy Minibuses.com £20,000 OVNO (or rent for £4,000 per annum

Yug.com, the three-letter .com domain for sale

Buy the 3 letter domain name Yug.com.

Yug.com. 3 letter .com domain name for saleYug.com is one of only 17,576 three letter .com domains in the world. They are very much sought after and make a very good investment.

The three letter .com domain that we have for sale is exclusively for sale on DGD. There are many uses and meanings that you can use the domain for and the domain name easily passes the radio test. » Read more

Nominet keep the crowds waiting

If your up to date with all the latest goings on in the domain name world you will probably be aware that Nominet.org.uk, who look after the extensions .org.uk, .co.uk and .me.uk for us all in the United Kingdom have decided to jump on the ‘new extensions’  bandwagon and consider introducing a new extension to the UK web addresses.

But it seems that Nominet have a more dificult decision than would first appear when wanting to introduce the new .uk suffix to the UK.

If your not aware of the situation here is a brief outline. » Read more

New domain extensions, What does it mean?

New domain extensions. ICANN is introducing new suffixes. What wil it mean?

What will the new domain extensions mean for you?

The world is never a static place, things always change and its no different in the world of domain names.

With the introduction of a host of new domain name extensions, over 700 to be precise, the business of buying, selling and developing of domain names is about to get a lot more interesting.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN as it is often called, is the domain name governing body. Similar to how FIFA is with football but with domain names being the football. » Read more

Generic domains let them know what you do

What are generic domains.  Learn what a generic domain name can do for you

Choosing a domain name can get confusing

The Internet world has come a long way in the last few years and it seems that everybody now has a website and domain name. But what are generic domains?

It still seems that knowing how a descriptive generic domain name can better work for your business is still a bit of a mystery to many people and businesses.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of domain names you could use when it comes to registering a domain name. You could use your own company or business name when registering a name(as you should do) but there are advantages when it comes to choosing the best domain name that has an advantage over your everyday company name.  It can be used alongside yor existing domain name or used for marketing.

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Great news, webhosting.co.uk is sold

Webhosting.co.uk will offer a look at the top 10 webhosting packages.With more and more businesses going online daily, its not surprising that the domain name webhosting.co.uk has been sold for an incredible £314,465 ($500,000)

Got a website? You need web hosting

If a company or anybody else for that matter, wants to put up a live website onto the Internet they will need web hosting to hold their website.  So its easy to understand why the domain name wehosting.co.uk has commanded such a high price. » Read more

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