Domain Acquisition

 Use our domain acquisition service and we will discreetly negotiate and buy the domain name for you

Domain acquisition service.

Our domain acquisition service is for you if you have seen a domain name you want to own but you don’t want to approach the registered owner yourself with an offer to buy the name.

This is where our domain acquisition service at DGD can help.

We can approach the domain name registered owner and ask them at what price they would sell the domain name for.
Or even if they woud consider renting the domain name to you for a period of time before you buy.

Our negotiations are kept 100% confidential

We do not let the domain name owner that we are enquiring about the domain on your behalf. All negotiations are carried out with the strictest of confidence. We collect all the information and then we report back our findings to you.

Our domain acquisition service includes a compiled a report on what we think is a fair price to pay for the domain name as well as what we think the true value of the domain would be in the future. We will let you know the price the seller is willing to sell the domain for and if there are any alternative domains available to register at a lower price.

We have an extensive knowledge of how to find the registered owner of a domain name and how to negotiate a price they would be willing to sell for.

Help with making an offer for a domain name

You may want to offer a lower price for the domain. This is where we can negotiate on your behalf. We can often get purchasers a very good discount on the ‘buy it now’ price the domain name is advertised for sale for.

Prices for our domain acquisition service

Contact, negotiations & report
We provide a written report on value of the domain name, make contact with the registered owner and find what the purchase price would be.

Price – £175.00 plus vat @20%

Please contact us with more information


John Cordingley