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Domain name services we offer

Here at DGD we offer a number of different domain name services. We have set out below what kind of services we can offer you as an individual or as a business.

Domain Name Advice

If its just a chat about domain names or if you are interested in one of the domain name services we provide just give us a ring or contact us and we will do our best to help you for free.

If its more detailed advice you may need about investing in domain names such as detailed lists of available generic domains to buy or how best to make money from domain names you already own then you may have to take one of the domain name services set out below.

 Domain Name Acquisition – First Steps

After carrying out your own investigation into who owns a domain name you are interested in acquiring, you may want to approach the registered owner of the domain name to see if they will sell. We can offer you our services. We help with our own initial investigation into the likelihood of the owner selling the domain name. A price the registered owner would sell the domain name for, likelihood of a successful transfer of ownership of the domain name and a realistic value of the domain now and in the future.
£50.00 for initial investigation report.
£95.00 for a more detailed report including future domain value and chances of a successful purchase.

Domain Name Brokering

If you have seen a domain name you want to buy why not let us do the brokering for you. We will handle all aspects of the transaction from negotiating a price when buying to filling in the paperwork with you for a successful transfer of ownership once you have bought the domain
£95.00 flat fee or 10% of final sale value (whichever is greater). In many cases we are able to successfully negotiate you a saving on the domain name that is bigger than our 10% commission charges.

 Domain Name Holding

If you have a valuable domain name and your worried that you may forget to re-register the domain why not have DGD look after the it for you. The domain name will still be registered in your name, its just that we will monitor it for you, re-register on your behalf when its due for renewal and can even have it make money for you without you doing a thing.

The domain name holding service that we provide is rather like a domain bank, but not for money, for domain names.
£45.00 per year or 10% commission on any profits made during the year.

Domain name Investments

If you want to make a domain name investment why not have us compile a list of, in our opinion, some of the best domain available names on the market today.

We will carry out a domain name search, provide you with a report on what we think are the best investments and which domains we know as having the best chance of increasing in value. Giving you the best chance of making a big profit on your domain investment in the future. We can advise you with buying domain names with budgets large or small.

There are some great bargains around at the moment. Investing in great domains can start as low as a few hundred pounds for a solid investment that should show you great returns.
£95.00 or 10% of purchase price of domain name (whichever is greater).

Domain Name Research and Advice

We can offer you a full service where we can review your business model and advise you on ways we think you could improve your online presence with the use of great descriptive generic domains. We can write a full report on ways in which you could use a descriptive generic domain to give you more brand awareness and a bigger marketing share by using the power of domain name keywords

Fees – £175.00

Domain name Appraisal

Have you already got a domain name or are you looking to buy a domain name and you would like to know if its a valuable asset or not.

Why not take advantage of our domain name valuation service. We give you an in depth report on what we see as the present value of a domain and if we believe the domain name has a good chance of increasing in value in the future.

Fees – £45.00 per domain


All prices are subject to vat. If you would like to contact us about any of the services that we can offer please use our contact page