Great news, is sold will offer a look at the top 10 webhosting packages.With more and more businesses going online daily, its not surprising that the domain name has been sold for an incredible £314,465 ($500,000)

Got a website? You need web hosting

If a company or anybody else for that matter, wants to put up a live website onto the Internet they will need web hosting to hold their website.  So its easy to understand why the domain name has commanded such a high price. » Read more

Why Should a Generic Domain Name Save Me Money?

Why generic domain names save your business money long-term

Ask yourself this question, where could you find somebody to work for your business for every day of the year for virtually free, even weekends. 24 hours of the day. They would never take a day off sick. They don’t require you to pay into a pension or healthcare scheme. They will never answer back. They will not only be selling your products for you, they will also be answering customers questions and providing information on your business to them whenever or where ever they require it. And all for free. » Read more

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