Great news, is sold will offer a look at the top 10 webhosting packages.With more and more businesses going online daily, its not surprising that the domain name has been sold for an incredible £314,465 ($500,000)

Got a website? You need web hosting

If a company or anybody else for that matter, wants to put up a live website onto the Internet they will need web hosting to hold their website.  So its easy to understand why the domain name has commanded such a high price.

Web hosting is what every domain name owner will need if they want to host a website on their domain.  And with over 10 million .UK domains registed there seems to be plenty of need for hosting and with prices ranging from a few quid up to 100’s of pounds a year you can soon see the amounts of money that are involved in hosting websites and why commanded such a good price.

The domain name is currently hosting a “website hosting price comparison site” which is great news if you want find the best prices for hosting a website. Although we believe this is soon to be removed whilst a new site is constructed. What approach with development the new owners will take we are not sure of but we are sure it can only benefit the market for anybody that is looking for webhosting.

What we think of the sale of

I think this domain sale is great news for the seller of the domain name and the new owners of have bought a fantastic asset that could make them market leaders in “web hosting price comparison websites”

Well done and good luck to both parties involved